Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Racking Up The Hours

I've been snooping around the internet looking for info on how to find out how long you spend working on a word document. I realized that I would be able to do it easily and then calculate myself an hourly rate based on the number of hours—of course I have to publish yet and wait for revenue from sales.

I found that I spent possibly less time than I thought I had—I guess that's because we work in broken chunks rather than straight days. Anyhow if you want to check out this link on 'How to Geek,' you'll be able to see how many hours you racked up in the 'properties' section—it's easy to do, a nifty little tool I thought.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review of Long Tall Drink

by L.C. Chase 

I know I keep saying this, but I loved this book. It's the best I've ever read. Chase really shows us how erotic romance should be written - even before the Travis and Ray get together the tension between them is so highly charged I just loved the tease of it! I can see why it was nominated for a Best Cowboys in Goodreads MMR 2011 Readers Choice Awards. I can't wait to read more books by this exciting author.

Review of Ryan's Destiny

By Lauren Wilder

Wilder has a natural talent for writing eloquent prose, she has to be one of the most gifted writers on the e book market today. Ryan's destiny follows the fortunes of a young rodeo star, Ryan, as he meets Sam a champion of the circuit.

Sparks fly as they fall in love, afraid of facing other men's insecurities about their sexuality including Ryan's agent Frank. Particularly moving was Ryan's relationship with his mother. The story's not without humour, Ryan is a truly likeable cowboy!

Cash to Help Break the Silence for Male Rape Victims

Surprisingly the Government in the UK is trailing behind on supporting male rape victims. It's not just a gay issue of course and it's still a very taboo subject in so many cultures.

Nevertheless, the 500k funding is a step in the right direction, but is still, by comparison with female rape funding—a paltry sum considering the growing numbers of reported cases.

Is Texas Ready for Marriage Equality?

I know I'm trailing behind on this but according to Jimmy Fowler in "Blotch," gay marriage "is on the way," call me cynical but I'll believe it when I see it! As much as I want to believe it's on the way, I'm not convinced that some American states can see human rights and equality as necessary.

Nevertheless, lets live in hope that the rights of all GLBT people are recognised in law. It's a shame that a such a progressive nation in so many ways is so far behind the rest of the world on this one. Jimmy, I hope you're right. . . .

Check out the Fort Worth Weekly

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review of Challenge to Him

I love historical fiction and Lisabet didn't disappoint. It’s a shame this story was so short – it was difficult to do the theme any justice. The prose was strong. The story had the potential to be very exciting but it was crushed into such a short word limit and as result I only got a nibble of what could have been very powerful. 

I really liked the characters and their chemistry which was very well developed. The sex was pretty hot too! I'm certainly tempted to read more by this author, but I would go for much longer works—I felt cheated of Lisabet—there just wasn't enough! I've decided don't like reading short stories there isn't enough to get my teeth into. 

Review of The Gladiator's Master

by Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe

Got to be one of the sexiest, most romantic stories I have ever read. I love Roman history. Bit gutted there wasn’t any Gladiatorial combat to speak of. Kinda liked the spin on the true story of the stadium. But most of all I loved the love. The characters were oh so fulfilling, and just full of warmth and loveliness. 

I liked the early scenes where I was never quite sure if Gaidres was going to slash Caeilus' throat – made it very exciting and the co-authors could have played on it even more than they did. I actually had a tear reading this story. I loved the the master/slave reversed. Thanks for bringing us this vibrant and sexy love story. I will definitely be seeking out more books by you both.

Review of The Broken H

What can I say? I loved this story. I cannot find anything wrong with the two books I read by JL Langley. The Tin Star was just fantastic and I read it a couple of years ago so this was long overdue on my reading list. Both Gray and Shane were well rounded characters who simply just love each other to bits. 

The subject matter and the nature of their relationship was handled cleverly and carefully – and moved me. The first sex scene was extraordinarily exciting. The sub plot with the teenage girl making accusations was a little bit lame, but I think that was the point! I hardly noticed anything to dislike – JL Langley just makes me melt with every word.

Review of The Heart of Texas

The Heart of Texas is one of my favourite stories. It combined an exciting erotic romance with a complex plot. Protagonist, Riley, is likeable despite his Machiavellian manipulation of other characters within the story to being with. Jack on the other hand is the typical cowboy who comes from a warm loving family and is hugely protective of his sister. The themes in the story are far reaching but each time the author is in danger of taking us too far out from the true Romantic element she pulls the story back round to Jack and Riley.

Ideas of love, romance and gay marriage are approached and explored in different ways which is skilfully crafted by an excellent story teller. Love making scenes were strong, progressive and hot, even if some of the ideas pushed the boundaries of what I usually like to read. In many ways the weaknesses of the work were its strengths because despite the few things I disliked, the strong writing skills always kept me turning the pages.  

The strength of the work lies in the characterisation, and the powerful love making scenes. I particularly liked the early stages of the story where the characters fought against their desire for one another. The scene in the car with the storm was rampant, creative and original. Any book written by RJ Scott would be worth reading based on this experience. I will certainly look out for more stories to read by this exciting and talented author. A damned good read!